Theological Study of the Contemporary University

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Start Date: 
Fri, 04/01/1988
End Date: 
Sun, 09/30/1990

Known for his work on the concept of "servant leadership," Robert K. Greenleaf turned his attention to the theme of "servant institutions" late in life. He began working with Dr. Joseph Hough, a theologian at the Claremont Graduate School, on this issue. Subsequently, Claremont, Hough, and his associates led an inquiry into the nature of the modern American university as a service institution. In this thirty-month inquiry, a Claremont School faculty team developed an interpretation of the contemporary university as a service institution through research, consultation with other scholars working on parallel studies, the writing of articles and a book, and review of written materials by an independent advisory group. The goal of this work was a reinterpretation of the meaning of the university that contributed to both the literature on American higher education, and to the present day effort to create "theological portraits" of contemporary institutions. The project also helped Protestant church leaders rethink and reform their efforts in campus ministry. (KA)