Theological Traditions and Higher Education, Seven Narratives

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Start Date: 
Mon, 08/01/1994
End Date: 
Sun, 12/31/1995

Richard Hughes explored how church-related colleges and universities could better pursue academic excellence within the context of their historic faith. Two historians from each of seven denominational colleges or universities were asked to write a history of how their institution related faith to learning. The seven schools studied involved one each from the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed (including Presbyterian), Mennonite, Baptistic/Primitivist, Wesleyan/Pietistic, and Evangelical/Interdenominational traditions. Hughes edited a book and wrote several articles based on this research. His book considers what each denominational tradition in the study can contribute to the task of Christian higher education. A series of six conferences were organized to consider the potential role of these theological models in the task of Christian higher education. (LT)