Two Volumes on Theological Education

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Start Date: 
Wed, 05/01/1985
End Date: 
Wed, 01/01/1986

Edward Farley's book, Theologia: The Fragmentation and Unity of Theological Education, generated a wide discussion of the most important issues in theological education. Here Farley prepared two volumes designed to continue and expand the exploration that it began. The first book was a set of essays written by Edward Farley. Four of them already written were revised for publication: "Theological Education: Some Strategies for Change"; "Do Theological Schools Have a Distinctive Scholarly Task?"; "Faculty Scholarship in Theological School: The 1980s"; and "The Place of Theology in the Study of Religion." Four additional essays were added: "Against Fields"; "The Problem of Graduate Theological Education"; "The Structure of Theological Study"; and "Education in the Church." The second book, edited by Barbara Wheeler of Auburn Theological Seminary, provided a "careful" assessment of the contribution made by Farley's Theologia. Responses in the volume explored the themes Farley introduced and carried discussion of those themes farther than he could in a single book. Contributors include: Don Browning, Rebecca Chopp, John B. Cobb, Jr., Craig Dykstra, Paul F. Knitter, Francis Schussler-Fiorenza, Thomas W. Ogletree, Peter J. Paris, Mark Kline Taylor, and Walter Wyman. (KA)