Yale University, The Divinity Junior Faculty Seminar Program on Basic Issues in Theological Education and Scholarship

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Sun, 03/01/1992
End Date: 
Sun, 04/30/1995

Thirteen junior faculty at Yale University Divinity School participated in a program to enable them to develop the competencies and academic accomplishments they required for effective faculty leadership in theological education. The program was a pilot program in faculty development, not only for Yale but for other theological institutions in North America. Its special concern was to help beginning faculty members adapt the perspectives and interests of Ph.D. programs in religious studies to the distinctive requirements of quality theological education. The project included four main activities: an ongoing seminar for junior faculty members on the vocation of the theological educator, with participation by senior faculty members who have special competencies in studies of basic issues in theological education; opportunities for active involvement by consultants and advisors from other theological schools who share an interest in clarifying the distinctive vocation of theological educators and who seek means of institutionalizing strong faculty development programs; an advisory committee to oversee and monitor the program; and increased time for junior faculty members to attend to scholarly research and the enhancement of teaching skills. As a result of this program, junior faculty participants became more articulate about basic issues in theological education, gained greater clarity about their distinctive vocations, and made significant progress in producing scholarly work in critical theological inquiry. (KA)