Traditions and Transformation: The Educating Clergy Study and Outcomes for Theological Education

Seeking to encourage informed and effective theological education, the Wabash Center with Lilly Endowment funding offered a series of two day conferences for representatives from theological schools to review findings from a recent Auburn study, Signs of the Times: Present and Future Theological Faculty, and to learn from the Carnegie Foundation study, Educating Clergy: Teaching Practices and Pastoral Imagination. Louis Weeks summarizes what he learned from interviewing Nadine Pence and Paul Myhre of the Wabash center about the results of over one hundred small grants to participating schools that allowed conference participants to promote conversation and reflection among faculty on their home turf on the current practice and potential of theological education.
Video Excerpt: 
Nadine Pence and Paul Myhre discuss Wabash Center conferences for theological educators on Educating Clergy